Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rapunzel Hair Tutorial

Unfortunately for W, she got my hair--thin, fine, and very little substance to it. She desperately wants long hair, but it just doesn't work for her. She's been asking for Rapunzel hair recently, so we came up with this solution:How to make it:

-1 package worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart, Super Saver, 7 oz, Lemon color)
-ribbon--at least 6 strands, 3@30" long, 3 @40" long, all the same or all different
-fake flowers

1. Cut 60 strands of yarn, each about 40" long. Cut three strands of ribbon, each 40" long, and put with the yarn. Tie off one end with a scrap piece of yarn, about 1 " from the end. Divide into 3 groups of 20, with one strand of ribbon in each group. Braid. Tie off with another piece of yarn and/or ribbon.

2. Cut 45 strands of yarn, each about 30" long. Cut three strands of ribbon the same length, and group with the yarn. Tie off one end with a scrap piece of yarn. Divide into 3 groups of 15, each with a strand of ribbon. Braid. Tie off end.

3. Using the braid from #2, measure around desired part of head, adjusting to fit, and overlapping ends. Hand sew and/or wrap with yarn until secure.

4. Attach braid #1 to headpiece made in #3 using the same method--either hand sewing in place or wrapping with yarn until secure.

5. Garnish with fake flowers and ribbons using a glue gun.

6. Optional: you can use 1/2"-3/4" elastic as a base to the headpiece braid. Simply measure the head with elastic, and hand sew the head piece braid to the outside of the elastic. It gives more substance to the headpiece, but still remains hidden when worn.

Good luck!

(*This was adapted from Simplicity pattern #2065, but there were some major flaws in their directions).

If this has been helpful (or confusing), please let me know!  I've had hundreds of views of this page, but I'd like some feedback.  Thanks!


  1. I love this, and I know my granddaughter will love this too...I'm going to try it this week!!

  2. I think I will do this for my granddaughter, too. Your directions are quite clear.


  3. i will try this and let you know how it turned out. my question is tho, why don't you just make it all in one piece? headband and braid? i will try both ways and let you know.