Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reversible, Quilted Apron

A friend of mine recently had a birthday, so I made her one of my apron creations:
They are quite easy to make:
1. Using an existing apron of desired shape and size as a template, cut out front fabric.
If you want a front pocket like mine, then cut out an additional piece with the same bottom, but only about 8-10" high.
2. Layer the front, batting, and back--in that order. Do not cut the back or batting to the same shape as the front--you will do this after you quilt. Just make sure they are both a few inches larger that the front.
Do the same for the pocket.
3. Quilt as desired. I machine stitch, using the meander and/or stipple method.
4. Trim the batting and back to the same shape as the front for both the apron and the pocket.
5. Using purchased double-fold bias tape (or make your own), sew the top edge of the pocket.
6. Line the pocket up and sew the bottom and side edges of the pocket to the apron.
7. Sew through all thicknesses vertically wherever you want to have compartments in your pocket--I like to do mine evenly in thirds.
8. Sew the double-fold bias tape on the remaining edges is this order:
a. top of apron (just the flat edge--see picture)
b. sides and bottom of apron with pocket attached (the u-shaped part at bottom)
c. tie, diagonal side piece, neck loop, other diagonal side, and other tie all in one piece--when doing the tie and neck loop, just sew the open-edge of the bias tape shut until you get to the diagonal side pieces, where you will sew the bias tape with the quited fabric between.

Why I like quilted aprons: nothing seeps through and gets to my clothes--no grease, splatters, or even water when I do dishes.

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  1. "Using purchased double-fold bias tape (or make your own)"
    Um, I'll not be making my own since I don't even know what that is! Way to be a can-do gal!