Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Advent Calendar

A few years ago I found this Halloween advent calendar in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog: I couldn't bring myself to spend the $60 to buy it, so I cut out the picture to use as reference to make it. I finally got around to doing it this year. Here's my rendition of it:

When I decided I was going to make it, I found a few tutorials online from other people who have tried making it, but I wasn't satisfied with their end results. Most used glue to attack the felt pieces together (yeah, how long is that going to last?), or foam stickers (again, how long?), so I just decided to do it my own way.

Here's what I needed:
black felt--about 1.5 yards
orange felt--about 1.5 yards
felt remnants/squares--white, green, purple, yellow, red
embroidery floss--in same (or complementary) colors as felt
2 packages of jumbo orange ric rack
2 wooden dowels
black spray paint to paint the wooden dowels
Halloween buttons for embellishment (optional)

Here's what I did:

1. Cut out squares using a rotary cutter and mat. If you do this, make sure your cutter is sharp or it won't cut the felt very well. I cut (35) 4-in squares.

2. Cut out numbers and shapes from the felt. I free-handed most of it, but you could use templates.

3. Using two strand of the embroidery floss, hand-sew each piece onto the squares. I used a simple back-stitch.

4. Sew on halloween buttons where extra embellishment is needed.

5. Arrange your squares on the black felt. I used the leftover orange felt as a backer to give more structure.

6. Sew the sides and bottom of each square onto the black felt using a sewing machine.

7. Make your "happy halloween" letters and sew into place.

8. Fold over side edges and sew ric rack in place on sides and top.

9. Paint your wooden dowels. Then use it as a guide to decide how big you need to make the pockets to hold them at the top and bottom. Fold over top and bottom and sew close to ric rack, making the pocket to insert the dowels. Trim off excess felt in the back.

10. Insert dowels, fill with candy, and hang to display.

Total cost: less than $20.

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  1. Cute! Does this mean the kiddos are all sugared out by the time Halloween rolls around?