Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby boy gift

In the three years I have lived in the Princeton, NJ area, only 3 baby boys have been born in my church congregation. I can't tell you how many girls. Too many.

The most recent boy was born to a family of three girls, so I decided to make something for their little one. What do you make for little boys? Aloha shirts! A few years ago I found this cute pattern for infant, button-up shirts: Butterick 5510. The fabric is from Hawaii (I grew up there, so that makes it easy to get it!), and the buttons are made from coconuts. The pattern calls for interfacing in the collar, but I think that for infants, it's much softer without it.
The pants are kind of a funny story. My husband recently got a hole in the middle of the back of some of his work pants, in a place that I could not fix. They were relatively new, so I kept them just in case the fabric could come in handy for something. They sure did! These pants are made from those work pants, complete with creased pleats, non-wrinkle fabric, and no holes! And the inner leg seam has snap tape for diaper-changing convenience.


  1. This is AMAZING Katri! I LOVE it! Makes me wanna go get knocked up and have a baby boy! (I'll refrain for a little while though...) lol BEAUTIFUL! LOVE the snap-up leg too! Brilliant!