Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Dresses

For awhile I was on an Easter dress-making frenzy. I was commissioned by a friend, K, to make dresses for herself and her two daughters. She picked out the fabric and patterns, so I can take no credit (or blame) for those aspects. Here they are:

The girls' dresses were made using the McCall 5966 pattern. The girls wanted "ruffles and pink with dots." I'd say they got both in abundance. The contrast was K's idea, so that the dresses could tie together, but also so that she didn't have to wear the "pink with dots." I added the ruffles along the neckline and ties in the back.

K's dress was probably the most challenging project I have ever sewed. The pattern itself wasn't challenging, but I have never sewn something for another woman, and therefore have never had to alter patterns to someone other than myself. Wow. It was not fun AT ALL. It was made using New Look 6674. The biggest problem was that it had two darts in the bodice--one at the bottom of the bust, and one on the side, and K didn't fit into very well. Another problem was the two size difference between the bodice and skirt and trying to align them properly. I finally was able to eliminate the side bust dart and fiddle around with the seams to make the bodice and skirt fit together. Sounds easy now, but it took a lot of sweat and almost tears (luckily no blood) to complete it. It doesn't look so hot on the hanger, but it fits K and she's happy.

To ease my frustrations while working on K's dress, I was able to complete two other Easter dresses. The first was for my friend's daughter, C. I used Simplicity 2683, but played around with scraps to come up with three different contrasting fabrics. I also added lining with tulle to make the skirt flare and make it more princessy (because that's what she loves). Here it is:

And finally, I made my own daughter a dress. Ironically it was the simplest of them all and took no time at all. I used Simplicity 5695. I am now loving this pattern--it's easy, it uses very little fabric, and produces an end result in two evenings of work. No alterations or additions, except to add ribbon ties to the back to make it fit her better. Here it is:Now if only I could get her to wear it....

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  1. after seeing this post, i went and bought the pattern that you made waimea's dress out of! i can't wait to make it - i am just looking for the right fabric. :) i think it is so so cute!

    i can't believe how many dresses you sewed - way to go!